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Our Authors

Chris Forshner Chris Forshner

Writer. Editor. Gamer. Pharmacy Technician.

If archeologists going through boxes in her parents' basement can be believed, Chris has been writing legible stories since being shown how to make letters. She began editing in school while "helping" with others' homework and the mental red pen never quits. (Not even ads are free of its glare.) She is an avid gamer (both tabletop and video), reader and writer outside of a day job as a pharmacy technician specialising in reports. Tools of the trade: iPhone with Pages. Find her at: Google+ and Twitter (@mirintala).

John BiscarnerJohn Biscarner

John is a 31 year old hobbyist writer and photographer who has a passion for the dark and macabre, and loves to dive into the darker sides of life and the supernatural. He works on short stories and an ongoing novel in his spare time as he hunts for inspiration. He feels the most beautiful tragedy is writing about a broken hero and how they handle a dire situation, doomed to make their poor decisions as they stumble through their life.

Tyramir RossTyramir Ross

Tyramir is an amorphous blob. We're not sure how it writes, but so far it's meeting deadlines, so we don't complain.

J C SayerJ.C. Sayer

J.C. is a photographer, recovering web designer, self-proclaimed Grand Duchess of Procrastinating. She lives in the frozen wastelands of Canada with hordes of furry animals to assist her with her "work". Her first novetta, "An Unclouded Moon" is available on Smashwords.