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The Book of Counted Wonders & Musings
By Christine Forshner

Lemorn Literary Works has released its first poetry eBook by self confessed reluctant poet Christine Forshner. The book became available on Smashwords upon its stealthy Christmas Eve 2015 release, and will soon push out to other eVendors.

The book is a collection of poetry written over the last twenty years, and is filled with with whimsical fantasy and dark, emotional verse. The cover was drawn by Shadicats ( and a forward provided by Kristin Hayworth (, with an author afterword at the end. You can purchase the book for $0.99 at

Interested in a review copy? Contact asylos at lemorn dot com

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An Unclouded Moon

An Unclouded Moon by J.C. Sayer.

Phyllis, a fiercely independent woman from across the ocean, tracks two vampires to a picturesque Canadian village on Bell Island, Newfoundland. With help from the local constable, can Phyllis hunt down the vampires in time?

Available at Smashwords for $1.99 USD.

Next Year, Things Will Be Different

A collection of three short stories by three different authors.

Next Year by Tyramir Ross Walker may not have finished high school yet, but he and his team are certainly finishing off every one of the G'laek they can. Now they face one of the oldest and most powerful of the ancient demons they have encountered. Can Walker use the power granted to him in Quellios of the Rising Waves, the great staff that conjures fire, as well as his own brains to save himself and his friends?

Illusion Of Choice by John Biscarner When given the chance to have everything your heart desires, what would you ask for? Many of us have thought of what we would ask for, but have we ever really thought about the consequences of said wishes? Darren, a young teen, has been asked a simple question: "What do you want from life?"

The Garbage Man's Boy by J.C. Sayer In the 1950s, the small northern Ontario town of Mallieu was terrorised by a serial killer named the Ferry Man. Ron, the Garbage Man's Boy, navigates small town politics in the wake of these murders, finding hidden truths he probably shouldn't have found, while trying to protect the ones he loves from a terrible fate.

Available NOW on Smashwords for $1.99 USD!