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Red Blossoms The Sky by Tyramir Ross

Among the ruins of civilization, there stands the city of Berlose. Its people struggle to survive under the tyranny of the Seirath family. Uprisings are quickly quashed by Seirath’s genetically enhanced soldiers, the Lotuses, but those same Lotuses now must question their loyalty as new threats coalesce.

The Lady of the Storms gains the public’s adoration even as she defies its leaders.

The Gargoyle hunts royal prey, and climbs a ladder of blood and bone to power.

Old Man Seirath himself threatens the city with his madness and vision.

A Weapon of Old emerges that may not just upset the balance of power in the city, but threaten to decimate the newly reforged civilization entirely. And it has been stolen.

The sky darkens, and the distant trumpet of thunder has been sounded.

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