Does Lemorn Literary Works charge a fee for publishing? No.

Do writers pay Lemorn for services? NO! We believe the writers should get the bulk of the revenue.

What royalties do authors earn on their work? We pay our authors 70% of the net revenue we receive. This is paid out to authors quarterly via PayPal once their earnings reach $25.

How do you price your books?

The general guideline for pricing books:
Short Stories (up to 7,500 words) – $ 0.99 USD
Novelette (7,501 – 17,500 words) – $ 1.99 USD
Novella (17,501 – 40,000 words) – $ 2.49 USD
Novel (40,001 or more words) – $ 2.99 – 8.99 USD

Do you provide ISBN numbers? Yes. We assign the ISBN once the book has been polished and is about to be released.

What is your contract length time? Contract time is usually two to four years, but we are flexible.

If I sell to a paper publisher and they want all rights, can I withdraw my book? Depends on the situation. The best answer to that question is, ask and will discuss it. Depending on how much work, money and time was invested in the book.

What about Marketing? Marketing is an ongoing process by both Lemorn and the writer. We will provide tips and advice for the author to do their part in marketing their work. It is pretty well known that people respond more to an author talking about their work than other advertising methods. You must be willing to talk about your book, and not just by saying “buy my book!”

What should I do if I find an error in your book? If you find a typo or other issue, let us know at [email protected]  – Sadly, we’re still human and human brains are faulty.